Energy Balancing Workshop for the New Year


Have you ever wondered if your chakras actually cleared after a meditation or yoga practice?  


In answering this question, Annette will guide you through a hands on, chakra clearing workshop.


In her Energy Balancing Workshop, using a crystal pendulum, I will teach you how to check your chakras and lead you through a clearing meditation/asana practice and journaling exercise. Upon completion, students will give a final check to see if all chakra’s cleared. In a situation where chakras are blocked, I will guide you towards unblocking the chakras using your hands. The unblocking process will repeat until all chakras are cleared. At the end of class, you will learn methods to protect yourself from negative energy, allowing you to remain balanced when exit the studio.





Supplies needed:

Yoga Mat

Crystal Pendulum - not included - Purchase on Amazon or your local crystal shop


Cost - $40 

Receive $10 off with discount code: HOLIDAY20