Energy Balancing Workshop for the New Year


Have you ever wondered if your chakras actually cleared after a meditation or yoga practice?  


In answering this question, Annette will guide you through a hands on, chakra clearing workshop.


In her Energy Balancing Workshop, using a crystal pendulum, Annette will teach you how to check your chakras and lead you through a clearing meditation/asana practice and journaling exercise. Upon completion, students will give a final check to see if all chakra’s cleared. In a situation where chakras are blocked, Annette will guide you towards unblocking the chakras using your hands. The unblocking process will repeat until all chakras are cleared. At the end of class, Annette will teach methods to protect yourself from negative energy, allowing you to remain balanced when exit the studio.


Aside from take home handouts explaining Chakras, A parting gift from Annette will include a crystal pendulum and journal for each student that participated in the workshop. 



Supplies needed:



Members - $40 

Non members - $45

(Journal, crystal pendulum and handout included)

Reiki Level 1 Training


Reiki (rei (meaning soul or spirit and ki meaning vital energy)


Reiki, the life energy that flows through all living things, is an ancient alternative healing technique that originated by Japanese buddhist Mikao Usai in 1920’s Japan. 


This form of healing is done with the practitioner placing their hands on various parts of the patients body. Universal energy is then transferred through the practitioners hands into the patient. This creates an even energy flow where the patient has blockage; In turn creating emotional and physical healing. These blockages can come in a myriad of ways, notably of physical pain or disease. 


Reiki is not associated with any religion or religious practice. We all have healing energy within us. Reiki allows us to strengthen our own internal energy from the universe as well as helping to heal others. 


In this 2 day training, students will be given 4 attunements by Annette. These attunements will open energy channels that allow universal energy to flow through the practitioner into the patient. Each day we will start with meditations to clear and balance our energy, then students will practice reiki healing on each other. We will end each day with meditation and exercises to protect ourselves from all forms of negative energies when leaving the studio. These techniques can be used on a daily basis.

Pure Yoga West


Coming Soon...


Non Members | $295

Pure Members | $245


Bundle pricing  w/Reiki 2

Non Members | $550

Pure Members | $435



If you would like a private training at your studio or house I can come to you.


3 people - $360/pp

4 people - $275/pp

5 people or more - $220/pp

Max of 8 people per training.

Reiki Level 2 Training at Pure Yoga

REIKI (rei - soul or spirit and ki - vital energy)


Reiki works with the life energy that flows through all living things; An ancient, alternative healing technique, it was originated by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usai in 1920’s Japan. 


In your two-day training you will be given two Reiki attunements and learn three symbols to send Reiki healing from a distance. If for any reason, your client can not come to you, Distant Reiki can be performed and is just as effective as hands on.


You must be certified in Level 1 in order to complete this program. 




Non Members: $295*

Members: $255*


*Level 1 can be completed through another school but student must show proof of certification.




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