Your private sessions can me a combination of any of the following modalities. Annette will assess what your needs are and build your sessions accordingly. 
Please contact Annette for rates
YIN - Poses are held longer while the body is cool to lengthen connective tissue. Connective tissue lies right about the muscle and connects through the whole body. By lengthening connective tissue, the body becomes more flexible and stresses are released from the body. 
BASICS - New to yoga, or go back to basics to work on alignment.
RESTORATIVE - Relax your body and mind being supported on bolsters and blankets. Each pose is held for 10-15 minutes to focus on breath and completely letting go into the pose. This helps to release stresses from the body while increasing serotonin to bring the body into relax/restore mode and decreasing cortisol which causes the body to become more stressed. 
VINYASA - Move in a flow of linking poses with breath. Vinyasa will build more heat in the body with continuos movement. This is a more athletic approach to yoga. 
GENTLE YOGA - Stretching different areas of the body by holding poses longer and breathing into areas of the body that need release. 
MEDITATION - Learn different variations of meditation and breath work to keep the mind and body relaxed. 
YOGA NIDRA - The art of conscious relaxation, yoga nidra is a form of meditation done in shavasana. Students are guided through a series of visualizations, breath work and rotation of consciousness to relax the body and mind where deep levels of healing take place. By going into the conscious, sub conscious and unconscious, deep rooted stresses are released from the body. 


Reiki, a form of energy medicine, can be used in conjunction with traditional medicine to help heal the body from pain, disease and other ailments, as well as combat stress.


Our bodies are made up of energy: Quantum Physics proves each cell gives off energy and light. This energy can be redirected with the use of Reiki and other forms of energy medicine. When the practitioners hands are placed on the body, they act as a conduit where universal energy flows through them into the client.  The energy focus on the area of the body where it is needed most; In turn balancing out the bodies energy.


Reiki aids in keeping the immune system strong, while simultaneously calming the mind/body to reduce stress. Similar to acupuncture, acupressure, tai chi, and Qi Gong, Reiki is another form of balancing the body's energy and helps clear energy blocks. It down regulates the central nervous system giving the body the same effects as Yoga Nidra. Reiki in conjunction with western medicine will help reduce pain and disease in the body.