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Annette Vetere Mulligan
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About Annette

"Everything you do, do it with love."

I’m a certified Yoga Instructor based in New York City. Since 2012, I’ve tapped into the world of yoga, and I’ve been lucky to learn from wise and inspiring individuals. Having the chance to share those lessons and experiences with my students fills me with joy. I also am passionate about cooking healthy food. A few years back I created a cookbook that was launched Summer 2020.  

Food Blogger

When I was living in Italy back in 2006 I started to grow a passion for cooking with mindfulness.  Coming from an Italian background Andy father migrating from Italy when he was a child, I grew up around 

homemade cooking everyday. Between my mom and my grandparents who lived next door from us growing up. We were constantly exposed to cooking with fresh ingredients using fruits and vegetables from the gardens in our backyard. As I got older I started to get a reaction from eating wheat and flour based foods. I decided to cut it out of my diet and became gluten free about 7 years ago. Instantly the inflammation in my body subsided and I started to feel much better. I decided to write down all of the recipes I transformed to gluten free and created a self published cookbook called Cooking Is My Meditation. For me the process of cooking is meditative from deciding what to eat to picking the ingredients out at the store to putting it all together in our kitchen. 

Go to the Store tab to purchase an ebook copy of Cooking Is My Meditation

Pre-order a printed limited edition copy for $25 by emailing me.  


In Person Classes at Pure Yoga

4:30-5:30pm - Hot Vinyasa(open)
6:00-7:15pm - Yin Yang

10:45am-12:00pm - Alignment Basics

5:30-6:30pm - Vinyasa 1/2

Teaching Style

My focus and style concentrate on Vinyasa, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Therapeutics practice. Moving energy through the body as my students hold poses, they develop a relationship with mind and body. As classes begin I ask my students to identify with the chatter in their minds and how it resonates with their overall body feel; i.e. stress, tension, pain.  Slowly, with breathe work, I guide them into a deep concentration and focus on blocking out the outside chatter.
I teach with the intention of getting students more into their energetic body while focusing on alignment. Classes start with breath work; bringing students into a meditative state while being present on how their bodies feel as they start to move. Building on each movement, poses are repeated, allowing the students to get deeper into them each time. Breath and movement of weight is translated into energy in the body. My ultimate goal is for my students to leave class feeling grounded and relaxed. 
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Annette taught a Yoga Nidra class at my Angel Quest Center in Ramsey. Everyone who attended loved her, including me! I've received emails from many of them saying that they want Annette to come back to teach another class soon - and we're working on that - because we can't get enough of her!  We all left the class feeling so wonderful and relaxed!


 If it sounds like I was impressed by Annette, I was! I know for sure that you will be, too!


"Yoga with Annette has been game changing for me. I feel better and move better. My flexibility has improved tremendously. Annette is an amazing instructor and I would recommend her yoga services to anyone."


Annette's voice was calming and soothing. One of my favorite parts about our instructor was her excitement in educating each of us on the value of this practice and the impact it has made in her life.  Isn't it so important that we give credit to people when they do something that impresses us? Something that they have overcome to get where they are today?  Annette's story was heartfelt and strong.  It takes a special person to be able to bring a room full of strangers to a point of complete and utter relaxation (and some magical snores reverberated the essence of "delta" land -no judgement, I promise- I loved every second of knowing everyone was just as relaxed as I was!)  At the end I felt replenished and rejuvenated! The format of the workshop had time allotted at the end where you could hear all of the different experiences and this might have been one of my favorite parts of the entire experience.  Each person goes through something different and according to Annette, this is true down to each time you practice this.  I highly recommend trying this out! It was really awesome!



WOW! What an incredible weekend! 

Thank you so so much to Annette and Kirsten for organizing this wellness retreat to have a relaxing and fun experience with so many beautiful souls! I believe everyone deserves to fill their soul-cup and these retreats are the perfect way to truly allow yourself to connect on a deeper level. Laurita Winery is the ideal setting as it really allows us to be with nature, amongst great company, delicious vino, and still close to home (for most us), the Inn makes you feel like your in your home away from home.